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Task Management Made Easy and More Flexible

Task management plays a vital role in the successful completion of the project. It involves a set of process which includes planning the task, dividing the task, testing, tracking the task, monitoring, and reporting the results, etc. Task management helps the individuals in the team, and the team collectively to complete the given tasks by setting personal and collective milestones.

ViduPM’s task management tool is designed to help you with the same and bring some rationality in your life. Collaborate and work in real time for real results. ViduPM is one of the best task management tool for the following reasons:

Easy Task Assignment:

By adding as many team members to a project as you want, you can allocate tasks with ease in accordance with their capabilities and interests.

Link Tasks with Milestones:

To help you achieve all your milestones, ViduPM helps you link your tasks to milestones. You can set the due date and can then work on your tasks to complete the milestone. Isn’t that great? Task Management was never so easy!

Task Role & Responsibilities:

You can assign the roles and responsibilities to the team members letting them know what must be done. Also, you can set privacy i.e. visibility of roles and responsibilities with permissions.

Team Discussion and Comments:

You cannot build up a great team without team discussion. Team discussion is necessary for the team’s success and the most helpful and an easy way to achieve the project goals and deadlines. The team members can comment as and when their tasks are completed so that everyone can see who’s working on what, coordinate properly, discuss in a loop and can collectively work towards completing the project, effectively and efficiently.

Files Attachment:

As soon as the tasks are completed, the team members can upload the files which can be seen by everyone. As soon as the team member checks the square box against the task name, the task gets completed.

Monitor Task Progress:

The task monitor helps the team manager and the client at the same time, to keep a track on the progress of the tasks. The team members can manually update the percentage of the task that has been completed.

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