SEO & Social Media Management

Search Engine Optimization and Social Media– The two pillars that strengthen your online visibility and help you convert into a powerful brand to drive your potential Customers! What if we say, we manage them all? Yeah, sign up & know all about it!

Google Analytics

With this feature of ours, you are given the liberty to add your project’s Google Analytics with us and we provide you with direct overview of almost everything you wish to check from our Dashboard. One can analyze visitors’ activities, their interests, number of sessions, views etc. via the same.


Facebook Metrics

In the era where Social Media platforms like Facebook have emerged as one of the best platforms for customer Engagement and feedbacks, businesses have to take special care of their Social Media presence. We cover all important metrics, right from the number of Likes to reach and engagement. Data like this defines the interest of your audience and helps in strategizing the plans further.


Link Manager

ViduPM offers you a White Labeled Link Manager Report which can be used to show the analysis of the links made for the SEO Purposes. This report gives you a detailed insight for all the SEO Activities carried within a given Time Range. One will get an overview of the type of links formed. In the given image, one can see the links are being filtered as per the type of websites.


Detailed Link Manager Analysis

Reports like these provide you with a detailed analysis of the SEO Link Building Process. Not only do they provide you with an overview but also, gives you an insight explanation of the work carried out. With fields including Website type, anchor texts, Status of the link, URL, & URL Description; we pretty much cover all that you handle up!



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Google Analytics


WebMaster Tool

Facebook Metrics

Link Manager

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