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Refund Policy

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Refund Policy

Free version of ViduPM Project Management is absolutely free for our customers. You will never be charged for it. However, you can upgrade your account at any point of time.

You can avail our 30-day trial version when you sign up for paid account. In case of cancellation of account within the trial period, you will never be charged. Payment details are not required for a 30-day free trial.

When your 30-day trial period expires, you will be asked to upgrade your subscription to paid subscription for the continuation of services. You will be charged monthly. Approximately 30 day from the date you make the first payment.

If you decide not to continue the plan you picked for your 30-day trial, your account will automatically be downgraded to the free account which you can use forever without charge.

To cancel your subscription on a paid plan, you must cancel your Paypal Subscription from within Paypal. Once your PayPal account has been cancelled, your monthly payment will be cancelled. You can cancel your account at any time simply by logging in; go to the Subscription page and click the "Cancel my account" link.

If you opt to pay once a year in advance, there is no part refund if you decide to stop using your account during the year. Once you pay for a year upfront, your account will be live for 12 months. After 12 months, you can either renew for a whole year, pay month by month or drop to a free account.

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