Organize Projects, Team & Tasks, Clients Much Easier with ViduPM

Organizing Project Made Easy

Stop using excel or paper sheets for your projects. Switch to ViduPM and organize your projects in a better way. Keep everything including your projects, tasks, files, clients and team details in one place and easily collaborate with clients and team.

Say bye to Emails.
Organize communication using Messages.

Don’t miss anything while working with multiple clients on multiple projects. You can lose the track by keeping information in Emails and it takes a lot of time searching through emails. Communicate within ViduPM Projects and collaborate with team effectively.

Project Management

Ensure Complete Control

Project Management remains an essential part of effective Team Management by the project manager. With ViduPM projects, you can stay in complete control of tasks and deadlines. Easily distribute the workload and keep away the distraction by setting privacy for the users so that they will see only what they need and stay focused.

With details like the Project name, Start Date, End Date, Category, Team, Tasks, you will feel in complete control of the project.

Task Management

Organize the work load

Organize your tasks more effectively with ViduPM. Group similar tasks in tasks list and plan every step of your project from early requirements gathering up to the completion. Assign it to the team, set privacy and due dates, everything is visible in a clean layout ensuring that nothing gets overlooked

Save time by performing quick actions by hovering mouse over the tasks, enter time, set progress, create subtask at single click

Password Manager

Organize Project Credentials with Security

Save the passwords with project. No need to share passwords over chat or email. Stop wondering about where the correct is saved, with password manager you can save all the important passwords like database passwords, FTP passwords, hosting panel passwords along with the project.

Have peace of mind as you can control who can see the passwords by setting permissions, we give you complete control over the most important thing.

No more wasting of time – Keep it Simple

Keep all team members, client details and contact numbers at one place, no more wasting of time in searching for email or phone numbers. Find all the messages, files and comments at one place,

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