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Google Analytics Reporting Much Easier

If you want to track the traffic of your website or the number of conversions for your website, one tool that you must be using for the same is Google Analytics, right? Google Analytics has its own reasons for being preferred over other similar online tools. It helps the owner measures sessions, user engagement, time of the user spent on site, e-commerce transaction tracking, sales goals achieved, and much more. This tool does this with the tracking code installed for a certain website.

ViduPM's Google Analytics integration vividly simplifies everything you need. helps collecting data from google analytics and gives you a perfect customized report of your website traffic.


Easy Access

You can access the tool through your associate analytics id, and then you can use it easily and generate your custom google analytics reports based on your own queries.

Simpler Than Ever

You can select a project and add a campaign with your existing Gmail id or even a new one. You can also delete the campaign whenever you want.


Customized Reports

Unlike other tools, it also helps you make customized reports for your clients. You also get the option of fetching out reports as per your needs. Like for example, you can make reports just for Mobile devices, or as per geo location and geo language, or the engagement, or also just for browser and OS.

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