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Project Management

Ensure Successful Project Delivery

Project Management remains an essential concept for effective Team Management. One can create and manage projects pretty easily with ViduPM. Adding a project is a matter of minutes here. While you add a project, few basic details are asked and you’re good to go.
With details like the Project Logo, name, Start Date, End Date, categories are asked, the user is also asked for the project features which are to be included. These include tasks, milestones, messages, file & Time. One can easily mark / unmark these features as per the specific project requirements. The SEO Features are added in all the projects, by default.

With the project creation, one can add users pretty conveniently and let the team participate as per their roles in the project.

With ViduPM’s Project Management, one can take care of the tasks, milestones, billing etc. just by having a quick look at the project Dashboard. Also, our Project Report feature helps up in generating all kinds of reports that one would need to get an overview of the project’s different aspects.


Password Manager

A Great way to Store your Project Credentials with Security

Yes, ViduPM offers an effective Password Manager for your projects as well. We understand the importance of these project credentials, hence came up with an effective solution to store them. With ViduPM’s Password Manager, you’re given the liberty to add login details of various tools, Analytics, Webmaster, Website Login details, Social Media Logins, FTP Details etc.

With ViduPM, you can have all the important passwords saved at a centralized location within the defined project. We have made sure about the accessibility part for these passwords as well. With the hierarchy defined in the system, one can decide who can view the passwords keeping the system secure as a whole.

While saving a password, you can select the project it is dedicated for, it’s URL for reference, the given Login credentials with the password visibility option. You can categorize the same under the suitable group.Go for a hassle-free Password Management solution with ViduPM.


Link Manager

Effective Link Management and Tracking

In order to keep a track of your SEO & Link Building efforts, ViduPM offers a great Link tracking solution. Our system categorizes & checks the link created by you on timely basis, as set by the user. One can also check the links manually at any point of time.

The timely tracking helps you to check the link status i.e. whether it is active, expired, follow or no-follow. The Anchor Texts are also taken into consideration for the same. Also, one can upload the links in Bulk as well via Excel Sheets to keep everything synchronized.

Link Building being an essential part of an SEO Strategy for a project, it is important that it is being tracked from time to time. ViduPM brings a value to your efforts with its detailed Link Management Reports as well. It takes less than a minute to generate White Labeled reports for your Link Management activities with ViduPM.


Client Management

Managing your Client just got Easier

ViduPM gives you the liberty to manage your client base with ease and convenience. You can let your clients be a part of your projects at ViduPM so as to let them have an overview of the project progress.

You can add all your client details in the project with the Client Panel. In case of any updates, the fields remain editable and you are free to edit the details at any point of time. While adding a Client to a project, one gets access to the Client Panel with secured auto generated login credentials. The client will be able to see the Project Progress, milestones, Reports etc. Also, the billing and invoicing can be managed from the same. You can have client summary at the Dashboard itself.


Team / Resource Management

Improve Resource Optimization And Project Delivery

The Team, no wonder is an indispensible part of project management. In order to manage the Team members effectively & efficiently, you need to have solid management grounds. ViduPM provides you the same. You can manage your resources remotely from anywhere at any point of time. Everything remains quite simple here, right from adding team members, assigning them the tasks, adding milestones, the deadlines etc. Keeping everything secured, ViduPM sees that your project privacy is taken care of hence a detailed hierarchy level is introduced with different access levels provided.

ViduPM lets you manage your resources easily with effective team & Task Management.


Time Tracking

Track Time & add on Productivity

Time is Money, rightly phrased by Benjamin Franklin. Every business needs to track time so as to increase the productivity. You can easily track the time spent by your Team Members on each project with ViduPM in one go. This can be done manually or one can choose the automatic system to track time for you. ViduPM has integrated Harvest application to track time, you can fix estimated time for your team members to complete the task and can then log the actual time spend on the task by keeping a record. This, furthermore helps in analyzing the individual performance as well. Time Management can get very crucial at a few stages. The time taken by the team in completing the assigned tasks directly impacts the budgets as well. ViduPM makes sure that the time stays manageable throughout so as to keep the project on track.


3rd Party Tools Integration

Advanced Functions • Ready-To-Use Integrations • High Security

With a lot of features inbuilt, ViduPM has quite a lot to offer in terms of the 3rd Party Integrations as well. Yes, while working with ViduPM, you can easily add and manage your favorite integrations so as to manage the projects effectively.

With amazing integrations like Google Analytics, Paypal, Harvest, DropBox, Google Calendar etc, one has the liberty to do anything with the projects.

Add these integrations with ViduPM and manage your projects like never before.


File Management

Helps You Keep All Your Files Organized & Up-To-Date

ViduPM offers you an efficient way out for an effective File Management System. You can keep all your files stored under ViduPM as per the projects they belong to. This proves to be methodical way to organize the files of your projects making your data more secure and relevant information available for your team on 1-click. Properly managed files ensure that you will never struggle to find the requisite information at any point of time.

Stay organized stay on track. Use ViduPM’s File Management System & get it all.


Team Communication

It is important for the Team to stay on same page with easy Team Communication

With ViduPM, we make sure that there remains a constant & transparent Communication within your team. The Team Members can send messages to each other and they stay saved there. One can send messages to the whole team as well, in order to make an announcement about the project. Also, one can attach important documents / files / images etc. so as to share important documents via messages.

These messages will also reach you at the registered E-Mail IDs of all the Team Members hence ensuring that everyone gets what is being shared.

Use ViduPM’s Team Communication to make sure that all the messages are shared within your team with clarity & transparency.


Task Management

The Most Intuitive Collaboration And Task Management Tool On The Web

Organize your tasks more effectively with ViduPM. One can manage every aspect related to project task like deadlines, manpower requirement, recurrence, notification and communication from a single place. One can assign multiple tasks to a team member keeping a track of the other allotted tasks to him.

Just add the tasks and leave rest of the monitoring and controlling aspects to ViduPM. You can easily access and monitor the life cycle of every task and sub-tasks related to your team and get them executed effectively.


Milestone Management

Set Your Milestones With ViduPM And Move Ahead To Success

Achieve your milestones on time and stay ahead of your deadlines. If a team achieves it milestones on time then the team is bound to perform well. Also, this ensures that the projects are on track. ViduP< makes the milestone management superbly effective and highly manageable. It allows you to track every important detail related to milestones especially the related tasks, team and deadlines thus, improvising your ability to complete the major project deliverable events on time.


Event Management

Manage all important Events, Meeting & Seminars with us

ViduPM lets you to manage your events like never before. Get rid of all of the worries about remembering and organizing the meetings and other specific events with your team. Stay connected with the team through 24*7, irrespective of where they are! All you have to do is simply set a meeting, mark the teammates and you are done. Everything else will be taken care by Vidupm, and you just need to focus on your meeting’s agenda and necessary stuff to organize your meeting. Also, we have Google Calendar integrated with the system which lets you keep everything in sync.


Report Management

Report Management Was Never So Easy!

Generating and managing work report isn’t exactly an easy task & is probably something that takes a lot of time and effort on one’s end. ViduPM arrives as a savior here. Within a few seconds, we’ll get auto-generated detailed reports for you.

Reports are designed in such a simple way that you can customize it easily and can export it in any of the excel, word or pdf format. You can filter, edit and search your reports within a time frame pretty easily. We provide you reports for all the Project Related activities, SEO/ SMO Tracking, Link Building Activities, Task Management activities. Name it & we have it.

Work smart with ViduPM Reports!


White Labeling

Build Your Business Into A Brand With Effective White Labeling Efforts!

Each company wishes to grow into a brand. With ViduPM’s White Labeling efforts, it’ll reflect as well.

Improvise your brand visibility with customized reports. You can add / edit your own logo in the projects with personalized name. This shall reflect on the Dashboard, project reports & the invoices made. This way, you can directly create and send invoice and reports to clients, with your own logo & details on them.

Also, we give options for customizing the look of the Dashboard as per your own wish.


Accounting And Billing Management

Powerful Invoicing And Recurring Billing That Gets You Paid

Whether it’s an acquisition of new client or a project, a company needs to maintain all the records to present the invoices to its clients. ViduPM has an integrated Billing module that makes accounting easy and fast for you. We have inbuilt emailing interface to share invoices with your clients that make communication easier and highly manageable. Also, we have payment solutions like Paypal integrated within the tool, offering you liberty of work.


Google Analytics

Google Analytics Reporting Much Easier

Access your Analytics Report With ViduPM

ViduPM is integrated with one of the most important tools that a Digital Marketing Agency requires i.e. Google Analytics. It helps in analyzing and tracking important metrics related to a project. Right from the Traffic statistics to its Target Audience, the data with Google Analytics holds it all.

One needs to be data driven in approach and tools like these help up in analyzing the next steps further.

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