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Project Management

The success of an SEO campaign is not limited to your ability to execute SEO tactics. It's often dictated by your ability to manage people, clients, projects and external factors. Managing SEO Projects using ViduPM is simple. All you have to do is to create a project, add a team to it, create tasks like Website Audit, Title & Meta Tags and add few milestones like Getting 5 keywords in Top 50 or start getting 1000s visitors per day.

Some tasks are ongoing and happen once a month. For example, these may be tasks which you repeat every month or continue over the course of several months –

However, you can break these tasks into subtasks and make them more precise and actionable. For example, just having a Task for “Link Building” is probably never going to be complete. It's probably going to be ongoing. However, you can add such tasks as task lists and add different types of link building techniques as subtasks which are more precise –

Password Manager

The majority of people use very weak passwords and reuse them on different websites as it is very difficult to remember all the passwords we use for Google Analytics, FTP Details of your websites, Social media logins, etc. Generally, SEOs save them in notepads, excel sheets, or emails. While saving these important credentials, we forget that it is not safe from the security point of view.

ViduPM Password Manager not only provides you the password security but also helps you to manage all of them for different projects by creating centralized password saving unit.

Admin, Project Managers or clients can give access to their team members so that they don't have to look into excel sheets or search into emails every time they need credentials for one of the website.

Link Manager

ViduPM Link Manager makes it easy for link builders to keep track of their efforts. Run regular link checks to make sure your acquired links don't go down in ranking, switch to no-follow, or have the wrong anchors. Contact partners right away if a link fails verification!

ViduPM reports are customizable and white-label. You can easily share them with clients. Looking for a way to automate reporting completely! Set up a scheduled task, and ViduPM will build reports on autopilot and deliver them to clients on your schedule, as a direct link or attachment, in a PDF or excel formats.

Client Management

Manage your clients like never before. Here’s an easy and safe way to store your client details. You can easily add and remove clients from your client list and also edit the contact details at any point of time at ViduPM. Grant access to your customers to see their projects progress and efforts that you are putting in. Even customers can add their employees to various projects. Share reports, project summary and task lists with customers and manage complete billing through ViduPM. You can also create and organize events for clients.

Resources/Team members

Whether it’s an acquisition of a new client or project or a project delivery, a company needs to maintain all the records to present the bills to clients. Here, you can easily allocate resources to different projects and tasks in accordance with the need. Moreover, it will help you keep a track on the resources used by different projects, and will let you know what amount of resources have been used for which project. You will be able to effectively and efficiently place and allocate organization's resources in accordance with where and when they are needed.

Time Tracking

Time Tracking is one of the most crucial things when it comes to completion of projects effectively and efficiently. Track the time being taken to complete every task and manage all your projects. It is easier here because, it has an easy setup, allows effective monitoring, enables invoicing and billing within time, and allows you to input manual time. Time Tracking and project management simplified at its best.

3rd Party Tools Integration

This allows you to do successful 3rd party tool integration and makes your tasks even easier and simplified. You can effectively, without any hassle integrate with 3rd party tools (as you may require) like Dropbox, Google Drive, Google Analytics, Fresh Books, One Drive, Social media platforms, etc.

File Management

Keep your project related files at a place in order and in a methodical way to organize your projects. It makes your data more secure and relevant information is available for your team with just one click. File mapping to projects makes your tasks easier. Properly managed files ensure that you will never struggle to find what you require in time.
It will surely help you to avoid the loss of major assignments and time to recover missing files. Stay organized and stay on track. It is


Communication is a must. To successfully complete all the projects, effectively and efficiently, it is necessary for the team to communicate, coordinate and bring out the desired output. ViduPM allows effective communication through various tools and impressive features so that not only the team can know who’s doing what and when, but the project/team manager can too, keep a track on the progress of the projects and manage accordingly.

Task Management

Organize your tasks more effectively. Manage every aspect related to task like deadlines, manpower requirement, recurrence, notifications and communication from a single place. ViduPM allows you multitasking and doesn't demand specialized skill & expertise. Just add the tasks and leave rest of the monitoring & controlling tasks to ViduPM. You can easily access & monitor the life cycle of every task & sub-tasks related to your team or an individual to manage and get them executed effectively. It is

Milestone Management

Achieve your milestones on time and stay ahead of your deadlines. If the team is achieving milestones on time then the team is performing well, and projects are on track. ViduPM makes the milestone management superbly effective and highly manageable. It allows you to track every important detail related to milestones especially the related tasks, team and deadlines and improves your ability to complete the major deliverable events on time.

Event Management

Manage your events like never before. Get rid of all the worries about remembering and organizing the meetings and events. Stay connected with the team 24*7 wherever they are. Just set a meeting and include the teammates and you are all done. The auto invitation and reminders will be taken care by ViduPM, and you just need to focus on your meeting’s agenda and necessary things to organize your meeting or an event.

Report Management

Reports are the most important part of a project and thus shall be managed properly. Report creation can be a difficult and confusing task, but not anymore. ViduPM allows you to create reports as per your requirement and lets you share with your trusted team members and clients at the same time.

White Labeling

Using effective SEO management tools are good but using them as your own brand makes you feel good and helps you improvise your brand value. ViduPM is a highly customizable tool with which you can easily change most of its settings as per your needs like Logo, Application name, and other third party tools like Drop Box, Google Analytics and Google Drive. Manage your database backup and ease to switch the subscription anytime. Customize the appearance of ViduPM as it’s your own.

Accounting & Billing Management

ViduPM is integrated with a complete billing module that makes accounting easy and fast for you. It has inbuilt emailing interface to share invoices for your clients that make communication easier and highly manageable.

Google Analytics

ViduPM is loaded with most useful SEO management apps and Google Analytics is one of them. It's a fascinating online tool that allows you to get the data for analyzing the results of your digital marketing efforts, formulating further marketing strategies, and taking important decision to expand your market search to grow the business. You can create and customize reports as per Top Traffic, Top Referrals, Top Landing Pages, Top Social Network Referrals, and Top Campaigns. Also, you can add customized analytic reporting topics which are highly popular and used by the experts like New Vs Returning, Mobile Devices, Mobile Overview, Browser and OS, Geo Location, Goals, Exit Page, All Page, Geo Language, Conversions, Events Overview and Engagement. Report making was never so easy.

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