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Collaborate and Deliver On Time.

ViduPM as Vidu stands for Intelligent is all about team’s effective collaboration. You will find all great features that will help you plan, collaborate and deliver on time.

Plan Every Little Thing

Plan and Track every little thing small and big. From requirement gathering to brainstorming ideas plan your project up to completion. Share with your team, set responsibility and deliver like a champ using VidupPM.

Collaborate on Tasks

Discuss about a task, share files for a task, add timesheets and start a discussion thread, everything you need to effectively collaborate on tasks. Ensure that nothing is missed on a task from the task detail page.

Collaborate on Files, stay in control.

Collaborate with your team on files, no more chaos because of multiple versions of files. Add files, start a discussion thread attach them to the tasks and manage all project related files from the file manager module

Finish on time

Milestones are the most effective way to give your projects a definite goal. Create Milestones, attach them with the task lists and create reminders not to lose control and finish the projects on time.

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