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PayPal is integrated in ViduPM to accept your payments easily and quickly. Just send invoice and let ViduPM do its works as it will ask your client automatically to pay via PayPal.


How it works

  1. Once you click "Setting", go to PayPal option and click "Connect".
  2. paypal-integration
  3. Once you click "Setting". Go to PayPal option and select "Connect".
  4. paypal-integration
  5. Pen down your PayPal credentials and click "connect".
  6. paypal-integration-in-project
  7. If you want to provide online payment option to your client, do not forget to tick the "Accept payment Online" while creating invoice.
  8. paypal-integration
  9. This is how the client gets the direct payment option in his invoice.
  10. paypal-integration-api

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