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Link-Manager-Tool Link Manager

Link Manager is a link building management and database tool. ViduPM link keeps your link building campaign more organized and less tedious.


How it works

  1. On the left panel menu of the screen, you can connect with "Link Manager".
  2. Backlink-checker-tool
  3. Once you click the “Link Manager” button, it will re-direct to the page where it will ask for "Add Campaign".
  4. Link-Monitoring-Software
  5. Provide all the details asked and click "Save".
  6. Link-Management-Tool
  7. Add your back link details by clicking "Add Link" button.
  8. Website-Backlink-Checker
  9. Download excel sample and import bulk link data.
  10. Backlink-Reporting-Tool
  11. This is how ViduPM displays the details of your link. At the same time you can check the status of your links.
  12. website-link-report
  13. You can generate Link Manager Report in both excel and pdf format.
  14. backlink-report

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