Google Webmaster Tool Integration: Google Search Console & Rank Checker
Rank Checker Google Search Console & Rank Checker

Configures and allows ViduPM to integrate Google search console to check indexing status and optimize visibility of websites.

About Google Search Console & Rank Checker

Google search console tool is nothing but a website service provided by Google. It helps you in identifying the issues related to your website and also about any malware issues faced by your website.

Rank Checker

How it Works

  1. On the left panel menu of the screen, you can connect with "Rank Checker". Rank Checker
  2. Once you click the “rank checker” button, it will re-direct to the page where it will ask for "Google search console account". Rank Checker
  3. Add email account which is connected to the Google search console account. Rank Checker
  4. ViduPM will ask for the permission to access your account. Click "Allow". Rank Checker
  5. Add campaign by providing "website name". Rank Checker
  6. This is how ViduPM displays the details of your website. Rank Checker

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