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facebook-metrics-api-integration Facebook & Facebook Metrics

It is a tool to track user interaction on their Fan Pages. It focuses on the number of fans a page has, but when it comes to measuring audience, what matters most is how many people are seeing your content. Integrate your Facebook page in ViduPM and allow ViduPM to get your latest update on the same page.

About Facebook Metrics

Facebook metrics can be analyzed on 6 parameters such as Fan Reach (total number of fans in your page), Organic Reach (views of people that are not fans of the Page but have directly accessed your Page), Engagement (number of people who clicked on your post from all over the world), People talking about this (total number of people who are engaged with your post), Click-through rate (number of people who have clicked on a link in your content and watched your video) and Negative Feedback (number of users who really did not like your content). Connect Facebook Metrics with us.


How it Works

  1. Facebook Metrics is already integrated into ViduPM. Select "Add Facebook Account" to successfully land your data in ViduPM.
  2. facebook-page-reporting
  3. VidPM will always ask for permission to connect with your Facebook account. Just click on the "Continue" button.
  4. facebook-insight-reporting
  5. ViduPM will ask for the permission to manage your page. Click "allow".
  6. facebook-analytics-reporting-tool
  7. There is a possibility of having more than one page in single account. Select the one you want.
  8. facebook-analytics-reporting-software
  9. ViduPM will give you real time view of Facebook page where you can see likes, comments, etc. on your page.
  10. facebook-insight-tool
  11. After integration of the Facebook page, go to the left panel menu and select "Facebook metrics" menu.
  12. facebook-analytics-metrics
  13. Graphical representation of Facebook page in ViduPM.
  14. facebook-page-metrics-report
  15. Details of the page with different parameters.
  16. facebook-page-insight-report
  17. Create your manual post with ViduPM.
  18. facebook-page-insight-report
  19. Schedule your post with ViduPM.
  20. facebook-page-insight-report

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