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Our objective is to support growth of every business.

Sep, 2013

Seed was

JAN, 2014

Research &

July, 2014

A Powerful tool
was born

NOV, 2014

Testing and

Aug, 2015

Launched for

From CEO's Diary

ViduPM is developed by eSageIT Services.
eSageIT Services was founded with a vision to create a big change in the Digital Marketing Industry. Our objective is to support growth of every business. Our proven Digital Marketing solutions have given a sharp edge to a number of businesses across the globe. We created a fascinating digital experience that converts website visits into leads and sales. We’ve executed over 1000s of projects and have a satisfied clientele. This experience was eventually used to design and develop ViduPM -A complete Project Management Solution for Digital Marketing Industry.

eSageIT has tied up with more than 100 agencies in USA, Canada, Britain and Australia.

Project Management

It helps our clients in planning, executing, delegating tasks to team members and finally concluding the assignment of a team to achieve goals and succeed.

SEO Management

Our tool caters to meeting the demands of digital agencies for client coordination, reporting and providing updates to clients.

Billing/Client Management

Invoicing and payments are key to success of any business. ViduPM has fast and efficient tool to track and manage web based billing and provide better client relationship.

How an SEO Project Management Tool was Designed and
Tailored for SEO Companies?
Sep, 2013

Seed was Sown

We take Search Engine Optimization as our forte & being the SEO Experts that we are, we understand the needs and requirements of other SEO Specific agencies as well. Project Management & Tracking was an issue to us as well. We tried our best to manage things with Excel reports and Whiteboards but that wasn’t exactly the long-term solution. We later searched up for online tools to sort it out but in vain. None of the popular tools could suit up how we wanted them to. It was then that we started working on the concept of ViduPM.

Being an SEO based company; we understand the pain points and hence are confident with the solutions we offer.

JAN, 2014

Research & Analysis

We did years of research and planning to find out all the necessary requirements and features required for an effective SEO management tool. We hired professionals and experts for designing and developing this effective tool to simplify the complexity of SEO projects.

July, 2014

A Powerful tool was born

We started working on it and kept improvising day by day. Finally, we got the final structure of ViduPM which is effective and easy to use. We have included everything in it, from just creating an event to sending a meeting invite, from analyzing the overall project performance to managing time.

NOV, 2014

Testing and Modification

The final design was ready, and now we moved to the next level i.e. testing. We were then all set. Our SEO team and testers started their work and they tested it for months. We found many bugs and scope of improvement and we fixed them accordingly. We have enabled it with an effective reporting system to make every task measurable. We started using it for our in-house projects and that was the time when we were sure that it’s the best amongst all SEO management tool, we made it available for others.

Aug, 2015

Launched for public

We are in the process of designing & developing next version of ViduPM. With some more extraordinary features and functionalities for our customers and for everyone out there who are in urge of a powerful SEO & project management tool.

Meet The Team

A good team is like a good show; comes into existence when everyone performs, creates, and becomes a strong, irreplaceable team member.

Davendra Yadav

Dave YadavCEO


Lalvir SinghDigital Marketing Head


Digvijay SinghOperations Manager


Anil KumarProject Manager

C.P. KumawatSr. Developer


Harendra Kumar Saini Developer

Harendra Kumar Saini (Harry)

Sitaram KumawatUX/UI Designer


Apoorva SoniAPI Developer


Kavita RawatTester


Deepak VermaSEO Executive


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