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Always start your ViduPM journey by creating new project.

To create new project, click Project menu which is located in the left panel and then click on Add Project button located in the right-hand side of the screen. Now, you’ll be re-directed to the page shown on the left side.

Fill all the details such as Project Name, Start Date, End Date, Rate, and Payment Term as per the Project requirements. ViduPM gives you the facility of Project features like task, milestone, message, file, time; you can select all of them or as per the need.

You can “Add Category” to your Project. For example, if your Project is related to SEO management then select the category Digital Marketing. Similarly, you can “Add Category” as per the project. In Category option, select either Own or Client. If you select Client option, you need to “Add New Company” and fill in the details of the client.  In “Description” box you can write in brief about your project. By clicking “Create Project” button, you successfully create your project.

Project Dashboard works as an essential guide where you will see the Project Summary of your project.

You will see your entire project tasks, milestones associated to your Project but if no record found it will show the Add Task, Add Link, and Add Milestones buttons. You can add anything from the given features in your Project by clicking on it. Let’s say, you want to add a task. Click “Add Task” to add your Project task and it will re-direct you to the task page.

Once you start working in ViduPM, this dashboard will start giving you the overview of all your projects. You will find this Project Dashboard button in the left panel of your screen.


On the left-hand panel, you will see a Project menu which will re-direct you to the Project page which shows all your project details including the name of the project, start date and end date of your project, etc.

you will see the tabs reading Active, Inactive, Deleted and Completed. These tabs will tell you the status of your project: 

Active means – the projects on which you are currently working

Inactive means – the projects which are on hold, neither completed nor deleted                                              

Deleted means – the projects which have been deleted by you

Completed means – the projects which have been successfully completed by you.

You will see, two icons appearing against the project name: Star and a down-arrow. Click Star to mark it as an important Project and to keep it always on the top of the list. Down-arrow expands and gives you the feature list for your Projects. You can click on any of them and re-direct your current page to that page.


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