Latest Updates for ViduPM Project Management Tool Des:- We keep enhancing with lots of granular features, layout design and a lot more. Here are the recent updates we're working on.

Enhancements & Developments

We keep enhancing with lots of granular features, layout design and a lot more. Here are the recent updates we're working on.

Latest Updates

  • Feb 2018

    1st Feb 2018

    Introducing Card View in Project Tasks

    We have just made the project task visualization more appealing and easier to work for you. Now you have the option to create task either by list view or by card view. In card view, you just need to drag and drop your tasks to create a long task list immediately and can also add new task whenever you want.

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  • August 2017

    21st August 2017

    Card View in Project

    Our team is constantly working on the ViduPM UI and here we are at the end of this month with our latest update of “Card View”. You can now change your project settings to Kanban view.

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    10th August 2017

    Collapse & Expand Task Feature

    Get ready for one more feature i.e “Collapse & Expand Task Feature” to manage your bulk record easily and efficiently.

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    01st August 2017

    Drag and Drop Feature on Task Page

    Now reorder or adjust your tasklist or tasks with the latest “Drag and Drop” feature. This feature helps you in saving time to manage your task(s) accordingly.

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  • July 2017

    21st July 2017

    Customised Timelog Report

    Hey! with the end of July we are here again with the latest release of one more highly customised report for you i.e "Customize Timelog Report". You can now generate timelog reports with more of filter options.

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    11st July 2017

    Project Cloning

    This month we are really happy to announce that you can now clone/copy the entire project easily with the "Cloning Project" feature. We bring this feature to save your timings majorly and the efforts also.

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  • Jun 2017

    26th June 2017

    Daily over due task reminder Mails

    ViduPM have introduced the new mail series exclusively for the project team members. The user can see their "over-due" task and "due-today" task via email reminders.

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    22nd June 2017

    Thread Comment

    ViduPM makes conversation simpler to our users by introducing a new feature of reply back via email. Now view the whole comment thread on your personal email and reply back without login to your ViduPM instance

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    20th June 2017

    Show Hide Completed Task

    Do not get confused that what has done till now, or what is still in the Queue. Find all the completed tasks, pending tasks in one place i.e "All task" tab via "Show Complete Task" button.

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    2nd June 2017

    Customized Dashboard

    ViduPM introduces the highly Customised Dashboard for its users. Now enjoy the control over the widgets on project dashboard by giving permissions to your team member.

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  • May 2017

    30th May 2017

    Recycle Bin

    ViduPM team successfully first time ever introduced the "Recycle Bin" feature for its users. "Oh! No, deleted your work by mistakenly" no worries now restore your task/ milestone/ messages/ files from Recycle Bin easily.

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    2nd May 2017

    Facebook Scheduling Feature

    We proudly announce that we just came up with "Facebook Scheduling feature". Enjoy scheduling your Facebook posts with ViduPM.

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  • Apr 2017

    29th April 2017

    User Work Cost Calculation Report

    We proudly announce that we just came up with a new project report for our users. This report will help you in easy tracking of the Project Cost and individual User Cost. Now calculate the team performance quickly and effortlessly with ViduPM.

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    27th April 2017

    Quick Add

    We are happy to announce that our new feature “Quick Add” is live now. You can quickly Add Projects, Files, Tasks, Timelogs, Passwords and Message without switching between projects.

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  • Dec 2016

    30th December 2016

    Event Manager + Google Calendar

    Our new integration with Google Calendar is here! It's now even easier to remember your meetings and events. Set all your events, meetings in ViduPM calendar and get all the notification in your personal mobile phones.

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